I. Opening Ceremony

Time: the evening of Sept. 19th

Place: Fuzhou Guian Grand International Theatre

II. Film Forum

Time: Sept. 20th
Place: Fuzhou Guian King World Hotel

III. Film Watching  & Promotion

Time: Sept. 20th- 21st
Place: Fuzhou Guian Empark Grand Hotel

IV. Film Project Investment Conference

Time: Sept.20th

Place: Fuzhou Guian Empark Grand Hotel

V. VR Experiencing

Time: Sept. 20th - 25th

Place: Fuzhou Three Lanes and Seven Alleys

VI. Film Panorama

Time: Sept. 19th - 23rd

Place: Cinemas in city of Fuzhou

VII. Film Themed Park

Time: Sept. 10th - Oct. 10th

Place: Fuzhou Guian Happy World

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