• Andy Lau Won “Favorite - Male for the Year”
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  • On Sept. 26, the 2nd Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF) closed in the Haixia Olympic Sports Center, Fuzhou. Film stars, such as Jackeie Chan, Andy Lau, Tang Guoqiang, Zhang Guoli and Yao Chen attended the closing ceremony.

    The closing ceremony included Red Carpet, gala and the handover of the flag of SRIFF from Fuzhou to Xi’an. The ceremony displayed the local historical and cultural features as well as customs of countries along the Silk Road. The award of “Favorite - Male for the Year” went to Andy Lau and “Favorite - Female for the Year” to Swara Bhaskar. Three films were winners of “Best Feature Film for the Year” — Puppet Syndrome, Saving Mr Wu, and Yellow Followers on the Green Grass. “The Best Animation for the Year” and “the Best Documentary for the Year” were given to Monkey King: Hero is Back and In the Underground .”

    The 3rd SRIFF will be hosted in Xi’an.

    Performer of the closing ceremony

    Performers of the closing ceremony

    Director Chen Kaige and his wife, actress Chen Hong

    Jackie Chan

    South Korean singer--Jeong soon won

    Andy Lau (M)

    Actress Ouyang Nana

    Richie Jen

    Actor Tang Guoqiang (L)

    Actress Yan Danchen and actor Wu Jing

    Actor Zheng Hao

    Actor Zhang Guo as a host of the ceremony


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