• Judges of the Official Competition Spoke Highly of the 2nd SRIFF
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    International film festivals brought fame to cities like Cannes and Berlin. The successful 2nd SRIFF convinced us that it is a “name card” of Fuzhou city. Yesterday, the judges of the Official Competition spoke highly of the 2nd SRIFF.

    Then panel of judges consists of experts from 25 famous domestic and overseas media organizations.

    Contributing to the implementation of “the Belt and Road” initiative

    Li Fang, vice director of Art and Culture Division of People’s Daily, and Wu Huanqing, an editorial board member of Domestic Affairs Division of Xinhua News Agency commended SRIFF. “SRIFF serves as an important step in implementing ‘the Belt and Road’ initiative. The Silk Road, representing both the start and the extension of life, exchanges and trade of people living in the countries and regions along it, proves that peace and progress are only possible when nations closely co-operate and complement each other's advantages. Embracing the great Silk Road dream, SRIFF 2015 established films as the bond connecting people from Silk Road states, and bridges Eastern and Western cultures. All these efforts help create a favorable cultural atmosphere for the initiative.”

    Gao Sai, deputy editor-in-chief of Guangming Net, said, “cultural exchanges were carried out on the stage of the Silk Road. SRIFF provides the Silk Road countries with wide space for international filmmakers to interact with and stimulate one another. It is meaningful for filmmakers from different backgrounds to gather in Fuzhou.”

    Film selection of high quality

    The film selected to be screened during the festival are well-made. Particularly, I am moved by In the Underground, whose great power is expressed through plain style,” said Gao Xiaoli, vice director of Art Division of Journal of Literature and Art.

    Zhang Jinfeng, editor-in-chief of China Film News, told reporters, “Iraqi 3D documentary Iraqi Odissey was touching. Fine technique and storyline, it focuses on the returning to the origin of a family. It arouses audience’s sympathy.”

    Helping boost film industry

    Judges also shared their insights on how to improve the artistic standards of SRIFF.

    Zhang Yang, editor-in-chief of Popular Cinema, suggested that the Organizing Committee of the SRIFF should consider establishing unified standards in film selection and make SRIFF an event for films of certain type.

    Zhang also said, Fuzhou was supposed to seize this great opportunity of SRIFF to boost the growth and prosperity of local, national and even international film industries. Chinese filmmakers should pay attention to improving the quality of films while spreading positive energy at the same time. “We used to only emphasize two elements in film making-- theatricality and realism. But now one more element is added—special effects. When these three elements are fully taken into account, there will be hope and future in the film industry.”


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