• Gold and silver beach grassland
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    2015| China | 115’| Feature|

    Director:Liang zi

    Cast:Wang Yi, Jibo, Qu jia
    A young intellectual called Pan Guoqiang is secretly called for by his country in his wedding night and heads to the deserted Jinyintan Prairie for a confidential and vital national defense engineering construction. His newly-married wife Lanmei loses contact with him. In JinyintanPrairie,WeiJian and he and other co-workers, relying on their loyal faith and persistence, overcome the hard natural conditions, lack of technology and the three-year natural disaster. They sacrifice the best time of their life and even their own life to build a city of atoms in the prairie called 221 Base. Several years later, Lanmei is also sent to the 221 Base but due to the strict secrecy regulations, Pan Guoqiang and she do not know there is only a wall between them. When this project is about to succeed, they finally meet. However, Pan Guoqiang is severely injured by a fire in the prairie and taken to the distant Qilian Mountain by a Tibetan girl called Zhuoma, who has a crush on him for a long time. Then nobody ever hears from him.

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