Time: September 19th -23rd
Place: Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, Guian, Fuzhou
Agenda:Comprehensively implementing national strategic ideas of The Silk Road Economic Belt, the 21 Century Maritime Silk Road and the Pictures Bridge Project, the Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF) aims to promote the cultural exchanges and cooperation among countries along the Silk Road, to spread the Silk Road spirit, culture and features, and to provide an international platform for film exchanges and trade.
As one of the most parts of SRIFF, film market, based on film industry development, is under the theme of “Exhibition, Marketing, Trade and Exchange”. There are 3 sections concluded: venture and investment meeting of the project, promotion conference of projects and VR experiencing.
Promotion Conference of Projects
Place: Fuzhou Guian Empark Grand Hotel
Venture and investment meeting of SRIFF
Place: Fuzhou Guian Empark Grand Hotel
Agenda: The venture and investment meeting aims at exploring and fostering new talents and making especial Chinese films. Base on the film market of the SRIFF, the platform will provide new energy for China’s film industry.
VR Experiencing
Place: Zong Tao Zhai of Three Lanes and Seven Alleys
Agenda: Many VR device company such as Samsung, HTC,Oculus and Z space, will bring their VR gear to join the exhihition. Visitors can enjoy the VR gear very closely.

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